Environmental Stoneworks

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Natural Stone Veneer

U-Cart Concrete Available!

Concrete amounts from 1/4 yard up to 1 cubic yard. We mix – you haul in our cart. Great for small projects!

Chimney & Masonry Supplies

We have plenty of supplies for your chimney and masonry needs!

  • Chimney block
  • Flues/crocks
  • Cleanout doors (aluminum and cast iron)
  • Heatstop
  • Concrete chimney caps
  • Stainless steel spark arrestors for chimneys
  • Wall ties
  • CMUs (concrete masonry units, often referred to as cinder blocks) 4"-12"
  • Solid concrete blocks/caps 2"-8"
  • Lintels
  • Concrete bricks
  • Fire bricks - half and full thickness
  • Wire mesh
  • Rebar
  • Foundation vents
  • Form pins
  • Wire lath
  • Durawall
  • Form pins
  • Quikrete concrete and mortar mix
  • Lime
  • Portland
  • Type-S Mortar
  • White Portland
  • Brown mason sand
  • White mason sand
  • Concrete sand
  • 2B stone
  • 2A modified stone
  • Geotextiles
  • Solid red brick
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