With the weather warming up, it’s time to get your outdoor space ready. Whether you’ve used the area over the winter, or not, no doubt there has been some dirt build-up from the excess rain, wind, and snow we got this year. Now that it’s not below freezing, it’s an excellent time to get your patio thoroughly cleaned; not just for visual presentation, but to make light of any issues that might have been hidden by the dirt. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your patio for the upcoming spring!

Before you begin:

On your patio, clear away any outdoor furniture, potted plants, or anything else that can be moved. After that, brush away any dirt and debris that’s covering the patio. This is also the time to pull any weeds that may have popped-up.

How to clean your patio:

  • Soapy Water: Your patio might not have been hit too hard with dirt and debris this winter. In this case, the best solution is some soapy water. Fill a bucket with warm water and some liquid soap. Pour the solution on the patio. With a stiff brush and some elbow grease, scrub away any dirt or stains. After that, simply rinse the area clean with a hose or a pressure washer on the lowest setting.
  • Vinegar: Some stains are more stubborn, and need a little extra elbow-grease. This solution needs to be a 50:50 ratio of water and vinegar. For even coverage, use a watering can to pour over the patio. After it’s had a chance to soak for 20 minutes, use a stiff brush to scrub up any stains. Mop up the patio and let it dry completely before replacing the furniture. You can add more vinegar for hard stains.
  • Patio Cleaner: Patio cleaner is the best if you can’t or don’t want to scrub. The biggest issue with patio cleaner is that no water can affect it before it dries. You need to make sure there is no rain in the forecast. You’ll need to be patient to see the results.

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