Polymeric sand helps bind your paver joints together. It’s a complex mixture of polymer additives and fine sand. This mixture, when paired with adequately installing the pavers, impacts the overall durability of the pavers. It will extend the life of your hardscape, especially throughout constant use. With that being said, there is a method of mixing the polymeric sand. Here are a few of the benefits as well as the installation process:

The Benefits:

  • You have an array of colors to choose from that will fit any hardscape design.
  • Polymer Sand is stronger than regular sand. It’s also a great way to prevent weeds and anthills because they can’t penetrate the material.
  • Your pavers will continue looking smooth and beautiful for years to come.
  • You don’t need to worry about constant repairs like other interlocking joints.


  1. Like other installations, the pavers are laid out to get the design you want.
  2. The poly sand is spread out on top of the pavers where it’s swept into the joints. There should be about 1/8″ below the tapered edge.
  3. The sand will be compacted into the joints so it’s evenly distributed, and then the excess sand is blown off.
  4. A light spray of water is applied to the sand, which will create the bond needed between the joints.
  5. After that, you get to enjoy your gorgeous new outdoor space!

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